A Conversation With Alison Gopnik

Most parents have, at one time or another, gazed lovingly at their newborn child and wondered whether someday their offspring would grow up to be the next Einstein or Newton. If Alison Gopnik were watching, she might suggest that the newborn in the bassinet doesn’t need to grow up. Perhaps they already think like a […]

Dyslexia: A Problem With A Solution

As I write this, millions of children are eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s release of the latest Harry Potter book. How marvelous that children in an electronic era will read and enjoy an 870 page book! Unfortunately, reading an 870 page book is way beyond the imagination of many thousands of children who suffer from dyslexia. They’re […]

The Biology of Dyslexia

For decades, ever since dyslexia was described as a disorder in learning to read, scientists, educators, and parents have wondered about the causes. Why is it that one child within a family of normal readers has so much trouble learning to sound out new words, can’t learn to read effortlessly with good comprehension, or needs […]