How Children Learn A Language: Part 2 – Knowing What to Say and How To Say It

We’re born capable of speaking any language in the world, but we’re not born proficient in any of them. Last month’s column focused on how children master the complex task of learning how to speak. It’s one thing to know how to talk, but it’s quite another thing to know what to say and how […]

Illusions: Shape From Motion

Note that since the cylinder is clear (we are seeing both sides), it is ambiguous which way the cylinder is spinning. As you stare at it, the cylinder may seem to suddenly change in the direction that it is spinning. This phenomenon is commonly made use of in illusions. When there are two competing interpretations […]

Illusions: Anti-images

Before the brain can begin to interpret visual input, light that is focused by the lens of the eye onto the retina must be converted to neural signals that can be relayed to the brain. The retina is actually a small outpouching of brain on the back of the eye that connects directly to a […]

State of the Art: Progress Toward Restoring Vision

Throughout the world people who suffer from two of the most common types of blindness, macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, face the reality of gradually losing their sight forever. Researchers are racing to restore vision to these sufferers. Both macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa are diseases that cause the death of essential cells in the […]